A look at the global markets shows that strategic minerals and rare earth elements have a bright future and entering this field can be very profitable.

On the other hand, the exploitation of these elements will be very important in meeting the domestic needs of important industries. This is despite the fact that Iran has reserves of rare earth elements as well as strategic minerals and investing in this sector can be associated with a very high added value.

The importance of this matter has gone so far that now Iran’s Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Modernization Organization (IMIDRO) is seeking to compile a road map for vital and strategic elements.

Moving in this direction can be derived from some forecasts in the world markets. For example, it is predicted that the price of minerals will decrease in 2023, as a result, the move towards the exploitation of rare earth elements and strategic elements can be present in the market and compensate for the decrease in the price of products such as steel and aluminum. And… pay.

13 minerals including graphite, manganese, phosphate, titanium, tin, potash, high-grade silica, nickel, lithium, boron, vanadium, cobalt and rare earth elements have been put on the agenda of Imidro to develop a roadmap for their exploitation and capital Investors should be attracted in this area so that, in addition to meeting domestic needs, it will lead to foreign exchange for the country.

Imidro is trying to complete the value chain in these areas in this roadmap. Today Imidor has come to the conclusion that it should move towards materials with added value.

For example, the production of steel ingots should not be limited, but the production of alloy steels should also be on the agenda in order to achieve a lot of added value. This issue is also applicable in the mining sector, that is, one should not focus only on the extraction of deposits such as iron ore, copper, etc., but should go towards the extraction and extraction of valuable deposits of rare earth elements.

The matter does not end only with the formulation of the Imidro road map. This issue can provide a platform for the entry of investment companies, which studies show, the Tajli company has a high chance of exploiting this roadmap and entering this field.

But why can Tajali exploit strategic reserves along with Imidro and become a leader in this field?

Almost before the chairman of the board of directors of IMIDRO announced the development of this road map, the CEO of the Tajli project company also announced the entry into the field of rare earth elements.

This group is trying to increase the weight of manifestation investment in rare earth materials. Entering this field is associated with high profitability and can create good conditions for its shareholders.

Based on the value that these materials bring, Tejali has made the necessary arrangements in the field of exploration and extraction. This shows the choice of correct strategy and determination of this group to be present in the field of rare earth elements.

Now, such a collection is planned and with a long-term view of the market, it can help the realization of Imidro’s plans, and perhaps it can be said that Imidor’s executive arm is manifested in the field of rare earth elements.

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