Polymetallic range of Sang Kuri North
The range of polymetals (copper, tin, lead and zinc) of North Kori rock is located in South Khorasan province with an area of 36 km.
Tange Lekor polymetal range

Lekor Strait mine

The polymetal area (gold, lead and zinc) of Lakor Strait is located in Sistan and Baluchistan province with an area of 14 km.
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Mohammadreza Karimi

Chairman of the Board

Mohammadreza Vahdat

CEO and member of board of directors

Alireza Aliari

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

about company
The activity of Yaqut Mines and Metals Development Company of Taftan is to carry out any mineral activities including exploration, extraction, and exploitation (except for oil and gas) and waste removal operations from metal and non-metal mines (except for oil and gas).

Address: Nelson Mandela Blvd., Esfandiar Blvd., Plate 3, first floor, Tehran

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The tajali of the development of mines and metals

Yaqut Middle East Mines and Metals Development

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