Board of Directors

Esma’eel Taba Dar

Chairman of the Board

Mohsen Naderi

CEO and Vice Chairman

Mr. Kam-joo

Mohammad Reza Hejazi

Mr. Ghasemi Moghadam

Mr. Chaman Zad

Member of the Board

Photo GalleryShahid Rajaei Port Wharf Project
Currently, the first phase of the wharf construction project with a capacity of 10 million tons per year is on the agenda of the company

The location plan and design of the project for implementation has been prepared by Saze Pardzari and has been provided to the consultant of Ports Organization (Tadbir Sahil Company) for approval.

A tender has been placed for market studies on 12/21/1400 and the company is currently reviewing and concluding a contract with the selected consultant.

The land contract has been signed and the company is taking measures to take over the land completely.

Project location:

Hormozgan province, 20 km west of Bandar Abbas, special economic zone for mineral and metal industries in the Persian Gulf

Project to purchase 600 freight wagons

Darya Rail Road Company

In order to have a license to operate in railway projects (freight or passenger), it is necessary to own 600 wagons. Based on this, Darya Rail Road Company has put the supply of this number of wagons on its agenda.

Currently, 60 wagons have been purchased and have been provided to Gohar Traber Company through a contract

about company

Darya Rail Road Company

The subject of the activity of the international associated company is: investing and creating a dedicated wharf for the export and import of minerals and steel products, developing the railway fleet of subsidiaries, equipping and developing rail, sea, port and road transportation facilities, carrying out activities commercial and construction services related to the creation of port docks and marine structures, planning, coordination, management and consulting regarding all mineral and steel transportation activities with the advantage of rail, sea and road and investment and participation in institutions internal and external towards the company’s goals.

According to the sixth development plan and horizon of 1404, 55 million tons of steel should be produced at different times, for this amount of production, 170 million tons of iron ore and concentrate and about 80 million tons of pellets are needed.

Therefore, the transportation cycle of this tonnage of raw materials for steel companies is one of the challenges facing this industry, even considering the need for high grade concentrate, the possibility of importing concentrate to complete the needs of steel producers is strong.

Transportation of minerals should mainly be done by rail transportation, and the country’s roads are not able to carry such a large amount of minerals, nor are there vehicles.

According to the aforementioned statistics, rail transport and the export and import of minerals is one of the most important challenges facing this industry, which made the respected shareholders of this company to form an international management company along the Darya Rail Road in order to solve this problem. to do

Address and contact number:

Address: 3rd floor, No. 18, 18th alley, Argentina Square, Ahmed Qasir Street, Tehran

Phone: 86122648

Fax: 86122927


Shareholders of Rail Darya Road Company

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