Code of Ethics
Employees of Tejali Mines and Metals Development Company (public shares)

We, the employees of Tejali Mines and Metals Development Company, with the help of God Almighty and following the Islamic teachings, as servants of the people, have come together to use our strength and effort to perform the Shariah and legal duties of the provisions of this law as best as possible, and make it the cornerstone of our behavior. Let’s set our own organization and stick to it.

1- We believe that Almighty God is the witness and watcher of our actions.

2- Adhering to justice and fairness in all job activities and maintaining religious, national and religious laws in providing services.

3- Education and administrative discipline, punctuality, punctuality at work, compliance with work discipline, responsibility, maintaining Islamic affairs, administration, respect for the human personality of clients.

4- Compliance and full implementation of laws, regulations and administrative rules in performing duties and avoiding any abuse of employment position.

5- Correct understanding and feeling of belonging and commitment to the company’s policy and efforts to realize them.

6- Alignment of individual goals with organizational goals.

7-Responsibility in line with assigned duties and responsibilities.

8- Trying to create innovation and creativity to advance the high goals of the company.

9- Information and transparency in affairs and avoiding ambiguity.