10-year vision of Chadormelo

  1. Plan to build pellet factory number 2 with a capacity of 5 million tons per year.
  2. The construction plan of Megamadol direct regeneration plant No. 2 with an annual production capacity of 2.2 million tons of sponge iron.
  3. Construction of a 4 million ton iron concentrate unit.
  4. Construction of steel slab production unit with a capacity of 2 million tons and alloy sheets with a capacity of 2 million tons.
  5. Construction of 2 units of solar power plants, each with a capacity of 10 megawatts.
  6. Construction of the 800,000 ton Megamadol unit in Abarkoh.
  7. Completion of the semi-finished plan for the production of steel ingots with a capacity of 600 thousand tons in Abarkoh.
  8. Participation in exploratory operations in the anomalous mineral zone D19.
  9. Participation in the construction of rail and road infrastructures.
  10. Participation in the construction of a refractory brick factory:

Including carbon magnesite, alumina, dolomite bricks, special bricks and magnesite masses and refractory mortars with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year.

Board of Directors

Mohammad Fatemian

Chairman of the Board

Nasser Taghizadeh

CEO/Board Member

Abbas Akbari Mohammadi

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

seyyed valiolah Fatemi Ardakani

Member of the Board

mohsen mustafa purde cheshme

member of the board

چادر ملو
about company

Chadormelo Mining and Industrial Company

Company type: public shares


Date of establishment of the company:

Chadormelo Mining and Industrial Company was registered in June 1992 under number 2257 in the Register of Companies of Yazd. Then, according to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 07/11/1998 , the company’s headquarters was moved to Tehran and registered under the number 145857 in the General Directorate of Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions in Tehran.

Company location:

The head office of the company is located in Tehran, Valiasr St. above Zafar, Esfandiar Blvd., No. 66, and the company has no branches. Chadormelo mining and industrial complex is located in Yazd province, 180 km northeast of Yazd city, on the edge of Sagand desert.

Founders and shareholders of the company:

Chadormello Mining and Industrial Company was established with the investment of Sepeh Bank and Iran’s National Steel Company. Currently, the company’s shareholders are: Omid Investment Management Company, Iran Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Modernization Organization, Mines and Metals Development Investment Company and other real and legal shareholders.

Company activities:

The subject of the company’s activity is: exploration, extraction and exploitation of iron ore mines and production of concentrate from it and production of pellets, production of iron ore (lampover), production of steel products, installation and commissioning, maintenance, repairs and technical inspection of equipment service and Machines needed by the company, purchasing and providing all kinds of machines and equipments and facilities and materials needed to carry out the company’s activities, providing engineering services, consulting, management training and providing technical knowledge from inside or outside to realize the activities. Company. Partnership and investment with natural and legal persons and domestic and foreign banks and credit institutions in other companies and mining and industrial projects, concluding contracting agreements in order to provide technical and engineering services and exploitation of mines and their processing and undertaking all commercial affairs. such as buying and selling, export and import and all operational matters that are directly or indirectly necessary for the implementation of the company’s purpose.Issuing and selling bonds and partnership bonds in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, participation and investment in the creation of new companies inside and outside the country and any type of purchase and sale of securities shares, obtaining financial facilities and services from banks and non-bank credit institutions according to the laws and relevant regulations, performing any type of operations and transactions that are necessary to achieve the company’s objectives.


Address: No. 56, Esfandiar Blvd., in front of Niayesh, Vali Asr St., Tehran

Phone: 88882858

Fax: 88775935

Website address: