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Tajali company development mines and metals (public stock) has been accepted as the first project- oriented company at stock exchange and securities organization of the country on 23rd ,november 2021 by underwriting contract and stock offering over the counter market.We managed to attract 62 billion of fund and were considered as the first project oriented company(joint stock) and increased the capital in that organization.

3 giant mining companies : mines and metals investment company (51%),Chador malu mine and industry company (17%),and Gole Gowhar mine and industry company (17%),have invested as major investor,and 15% of the capital has been offered over the counter market in the form of underwriting contract on the above date.

At present Tajali company is the share holder of 14 mines and metals companies , acts as intermediator of active projects.utilization time of these projects is defined between 1 to 3 years.

At the same time , commercial companies of mines and mineral industry (51%) , Bakhtar labour mine (48%) , exploration Saba Tajali (34%) , acts as opperational , supportive , logestic arms of Tajali company in the fields of commercial mining operation and exploration.


Our field of activity

*Exploration, exploitation ,or arrangement , processing , and all sorts of activities related to this field , utilization from metal and non-metal mines.

*Performing all kinds of consultation services , engineering , design, supervision and execution ,contrating ,commerse,administration technical economic supervision in all affairs of mine and industry.

Development,completion,submission,rent in or out of the country,investment in purchasing properties and company shares,partnership,taking over,mortgage,submission and movable and unmovable properties,in all related activities.

*Partnership and investment in other companies by establishment , purchase or commitment of existed companies.

*Executing all kinds of logistic activities , hold logistics , development of related facilities,including maritime ,rail road and road transportation.



The most obvious mission Tajali company development mines and metals (public stock) is creating direct presence in executing huge projects of the country, focusing on the development of mine and metal industries,explore and exploit new mines , complete, develop, manufacture basic metals through underwriting contracts (subscription).Our company is the first project- oriented which observes compilation of manual rules whithin govermental organizations.This company provides possibility of absorbing fund-raising either small or large,transfer and spend this capital in executing different projects of the country.

  • UseFrom metallic and non-metallic mines
  • Participation and investmentEstablishing or buying shares of other companies
  • Engineering consulting servicesConsulting, design, implementation and monitoring


Compass with needle pointing the word mission. Conceptual illustration part one of a company statement, Mission, Vision and Value.

Gaining and maintaining first position among investing companies of project- oriented, non- govermental until 2026.Our field of activity.


Our strategy

1.Deployment and development modern technologies , financing in all investment and capital markets.

2.Financing selected projects with lowest financial expenses .

3.Acceleration in absorbing necceseries reserves for executing selected projects.

4.Execution selected projects within the shortest period of time.

5.Development and optimization supervising processes and qualitative and quantitative control on realization of projects and designes.

6.Expansion of investment,absorbing bank deposites , either small or large from all stratum of society ,through stock exchange and securities organization,guiding the fund to execute water development projects.

7.Development of investment culture in important projects of the country.

8.Development investment advantage in performing mine activities ,metal industry exploitation ,maritime and ground transportation.

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code of ethics

Company employees of Tajali (development of mines and metals, public stock)

We, Tajali employees (development of mines and metals), are seeking help from God Almighty, follow Shariah and Islamic teachings, we will put the content of these rules on our board and will adhere to them.

We believe that Almighty God is our witness and observes our behavior.

Administrative education and discipline, punctuality, attendance at work, observing discipline, responsibility, observing Islamic dignity, official personality and respecting human dignity of costumers.

Observance and performing according to rules and regulations, administrative rules in performing our duties, avoid any kind of abuse from our job positions.

Accurate understanding, having a sense of belonging and commitment to choosing our policy and effort in line with the realization.

Alignment of individual goals with organizational goals.

Responsiveness in line with our assigned duties.

Effort to provide innovation and creativity in order to advance great goals of the company.

Notifications and transparency in our affairs and avoid ambiguity.