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Gol Gohar Industrial and Mining Company

Gol Gohar mineral region, having rich iron ore mines, is one of the most important active mining hubs, an industry in the Middle East, which has many capabilities to become a large and competitive region in Iran and even the world. This mineral deposit is located in Kerman province and 50 kilometers southwest of Sirjan city. The existing works and excavations left at the deposit indicate that this deposit was identified and exploited in the past centuries. The approximate age of a sample of slag from old furnaces that used Golgohar ore is estimated to be around 900 years. In the contemporary era, the exploration and pursuit of Gol Gohar iron ore project was started in 1348 by the private Iran Barit company and then continued with the cooperation of the Japanese Marubani company and was handed over to Iran’s National Steel Company in 1353. Gol Gohar iron ore deposit is located in six separate anomalies with a total reserve of about 1200 million tons in an area approximately 10 kilometers long and approximately 4 kilometers wide. The exploitation of mineral mass number one is the responsibility of Gol Gohar Mineral and Industrial Company, a large part of which has been extracted.

The name of the mine, extractable geological reserve (million tons) of the operator
Mine No. 1 85 300 Mining and Industrial Gol Gohar
Mine No. 2 51 63 Gol Gohar Co., Ltd., Midco, Mahan
Mine No. 3, 228,600 iron ore, Gohar Zemin
Mine No. 4 80 90 Midco
Mine number 5 24 36 Mahan industries and mines
Mine number 6 – 100 Gulfam Parand Mine (Gol Gohar)

Exploitation of Anomaly No. 3 as the largest anomaly with a reserve of over 600 million tons has been assigned to Gahar Zemin Iron and Steel Company. Exploitation of the oldest mine of Tudeh is currently being exploited Gol Gohar Tudeh No. 1, the choice of this deposit as the first priority in carrying out extensive exploration studies and then design and preparation, due to the results of more promising preliminary discoveries and the proximity of the mineral material to the surface It is the land that enables open pit mining.

The preparatory stages and engineering studies for the implementation of the annual extraction plan of 5 million tons of iron ore from mine number one and 2.5 million tons of concentrate by Iran’s National Steel Company with the cooperation of the Swedish Granges company as a consultant began in 1353. This operation was interrupted for a long time during the war of imposition, and again from 1370, according to the agreements between Sepah Bank and the National Steel Company of Iran, all the assets and debts of the Golgohar project, based on an expert evaluation, in the amount of 117,200 million Rials, were transferred to the mineral company and Gol Gohar factory was moved. The amount of 51 billion riyals from the above total amount was transferred as initial shares of the bank and the rest as a ten-year loan. The operation of concentrate production lines 1 and 2 started on 1/1/1373 by the President of the Republic at the time of Hazrat Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani with a nominal capacity of 2.5 million tons and after obtaining the permission of the Council of Economy and Development and optimizing the production lines, the capacity It increased to 3.5 million tons and the operation of iron ore processing line 3 started in October 2013 with the presence of the honorable President of the Republic Mr. Khatami, during the past years due to the need of steel factories in the country for iron ore concentrate. The capacity of the existing lines and the development of new lines have always been on the agenda of the company’s managing directors until the capacity of the three existing lines has now been increased to more than 6 million tons. In line with the development of new lines in Golgohar, the plan to build the 4th line factory (Polycam) in order to produce concentrate and recycle the return load of the existing production lines with a capacity of 2 million tons of concentrate was started in 2008 and in July 2010 by the President of the Republic, Mr. Dr. Ahmadinejad was officially commissioned. Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, considering the mineral reserves of the region and considering the lack of concentrate in the country and in line with the vision of 2018, put the design and construction of concentrate production lines 5, 6 and 7 on the agenda. The implementation of this project, which is designed to produce 6 million tons of concentrate per year, began in 2018 and its lines 5 and 6 were put into operation in 2014 with the presence of the first vice president. Gol Gohar Mineral and Industrial Company continues its development path in order to optimally use the tailings created by the production lines as well as desulfurization of the production concentrate, the plan to build a recovery line from dry tailings with a production capacity of 350,000 tons per year, a recovery line from tailings A desulfurization line with a production capacity of 220,000 tons per year and a desulfurization line with a production capacity of 1,000 tons per year have been started since 2004 and completed and launched in the first half of 2010. Gol Gohar Mineral and Industrial Company in order to complete its value chain and also due to the prediction of high sulfur content in iron ore and its gradual increase in the future, which would make the sale of production concentrate difficult, and also the rapid increase in steel production per unit steel mills of the country, the increasing need of these units for iron ore pellets and the widespread use of pellets in blast furnaces in Iran and other parts of the world, the construction of a pellet making unit in the vicinity of Gol Gohar mine was taken into consideration. The initial studies and surveys of the pelletizing unit with a capacity of 3.2 million tons started in 1373 and after several stages of negotiations with foreign companies and changing the capacity, finally the factory with a capacity of 5 million tons was officially opened and operated in 1389 by the President of the Republic. It was taken from it. Among the other important factories of this company, we can mention pelletizing factory number 2, which has a capacity of 5 million tons and was built with the technology of the German Autotec company. The operational operations of this factory, which is one of the most up-to-date and best pellet production lines in the world, began in 1391 and was put into operation in November 1395 by Dr. Jahangiri, the first vice president. Gol Gohar Mineral and Industrial Company is in line with the development and great transformation in Gol Gohar region, with the participation of the shareholders of the region, several development plans are being defined and are currently being carried out with the perseverance and maximum ability of the craftsmen of Gol Gohar region, which will be introduced in the rest of the report.

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