Tajali at a glance

Why a project-oriented company?

Among the various financing tools for projects, the method of financing through public participation is the best way because:

* The supply of resources for projects should be long-term.
* The need for quick repayment in financing through banks and using other financial instruments in the capital market (due to the payment of interest and fees in three months or…) contradicts the type of long-term needs of the projects.
* A project-oriented company is a sure way to directly inject people’s capital into the production cycle.

Advantages of project-oriented companies:

* Direct investment of all people in selected projects
* The possibility of attracting small deposits and directing them to huge projects
* Facilitating the financing of medium and long-term projects
* The least expensive method of financing selected projects
* The fastest way to finance projects
* Development of new tools for quantitative and qualitative control of projects
* Speeding up the completion of the project and its exploitation

Some of the differences between project-oriented companies such as Tejli and other listed companies:

  • The first priority of project-oriented companies is not profitability, but increasing the percentage of project progress.
    Due to the importance of implementing, controlling and increasing the progress percentage of projects, these companies have created a project management unit in their organizational structure, and this deputy is considered one of the important and key units of the project-oriented company.
    In these types of companies, the performance of the management depends on the physical progress of the projects. As the progress of the projects increases, the stock price will increase in the stock market.
    In project-oriented companies, the project management unit is active in technical meetings and procurement and support with the participation of other stakeholders and executors.
    Anticipation and timely provision of resources is very critical for timely injection of liquidity in projects.
    Detailed planning has been implemented for the timely implementation of projects and provision of resources through shareholders, etc., and the profitability of projects is always evaluated.
    As soon as the first project was put into operation, a new deputy named production control and productivity was formed and the temporary project headquarters was dissolved and transferred to new projects.
    Project-oriented companies should benefit from advanced project control software in the project management unit and by attracting capable personnel.
    The project management unit in these companies is always and permanent and with the completion of each project, other projects will be activated.
    Initially, these companies manage a portfolio of projects instead of a portfolio of stocks, and over time, the utilization of projects has become active in both cases.

why us?

The idea of forming a project-oriented company was formed for the first time in March of 1998 in the Holding of Mines and Metals, focusing on the completion of steel chain projects from mining to rolling.

According to the current and usual guidelines of the stock exchange organization, it is not possible for the company to enter the capital market quickly, but Tajli company was born and with continuous and effective follow-up in the new window opened in the stock exchange organization as a project-oriented company and accompanied by the officials of the stock exchange organization, it was able to take a fundamental step in the formation and formulation of new guidelines.

The advantage of the manifestation company:

* Having important shareholders (Gol Gohar Mineral Industry, Chador Melo Mineral Industry, Mining and Metals Development Investment) with the support of strong presence in the field of production and construction of large projects.
* The capital market’s trust in the company’s shareholders in such a way that the 3 main shareholders of the company (Gol Gohar Mineral Industry, Chador Melo Mineral Industry, Mines and Metals Development Investment) are among the top 20 companies in the capital market.
*Having a management team with experience in the field of industry and money and capital market together.
* Selection of high yield projects suitable for investment.