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Saba Exploration Company (Special Shares)

The subject of Saba’s Manifestation Exploration Company’s activity is exploration, exploitation, exploitation and concentration of minerals and the extraction of mineral elements from design and development mines; launching and creating various plans and production units; industrial and various permitted economic activities including any industrial commercial operations; services, contracting, imports, exports, design, consulting, implementation of administrative and industrial automation, including procurement of machines, equipment and raw materials, construction, equipment and operation of factories and lines, taking representation from reputable domestic and foreign companies, giving representation to natural persons and legal; participation in tenders and auctions; real and legal participation; buying and selling shares in the name of the company; entering into contracts and transactions directly and indirectly related to the subject of the company with governmental and non-governmental organizations and companies – taking credits and Financial facilities from domestic and foreign banks and financial and credit institutions in line with the company’s activities, if necessary, after obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities, if necessary, after obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.


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The tajali of the development of mines and metals

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